A downloadable game for Windows

Stay in power!

Citizens of your state grow old and have kids. Some of them turn into dangerous radicals who want to overthrow you.

Their ideology can spread to others, so make sure to deal with them right away.

You can kill them, but that might make other citizens around reconsider their support for you.

Jailing them will remove their corrupting influence for as long as 20 years.

If there are enough conforming citizens around, the radicals will eventually lose their zeal.

If there are more unfaithful citizens near each other, they quickly become radicalized.

Any upstanding citizen can be made to join the police force. Police are always loyal to the state. Their presence makes dissenters become conforming citizens.

Clicking on any citizen shows you available actions and status.

Pro-tip: ctrl/cmd + click = kill, shift + click = jail


Programming, Design: Ondrej Paška

Design Feedback: Veverka Novicka

Soundtrack: CR Hougaard SoundCloud

Other Sounds: https://freesound.org/,  "Gate" sound: Tomlija


Powerless.zip 24 MB

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